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Empower your journey with resilience and joy at The Guided Change. We offer transformative coaching to help professionals thrive in challenging environments.


Our method integrates self-care, innovative strategies, and a positive mindset to promote resilience and growth. Break free from constraints and rejuvenate your perspective.


Let us guide you in focusing on essential yet overlooked areas, discovering ways to overcome daily challenges, and crafting your unique path to success and happiness.

Let's join together on your journey of self-discovery and growth

Overcome Barriers

Embrace new viewpoints, break through limiting beliefs, and foster a mindset.  Identify and prioritize the things that are truly important to you, even in the midst of a busy schedule.

Shift Your Perspective 

Our group is dedicated to assisting you in reshaping your perspective for different outcomes. Planting seeds of possibilities that growing into the changes you are seeking.

Craft Your Recipe for Success

We empower you to design your own path to success. You will be able to have a personalized recipe to create a life filled with contentment, joy and happiness.


Noelle, Master at Shifting Perspectives

I am very passionate about helping people recognize their strengths, shift their perspectives, and find courage to make the changes they want in their lives. 

After nearly 20 years in the mental health profession as a psychotherapist I found I was having similar conversations throughout my day. I found that coaching fits my personality better and something I have been doing since early adulthood. 

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Testimonals from Clients

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Edith, 2023

Thank you for everything you have done for me, what you have given to me, and the kindness you have shown. Thank you for educating me, grounding me, helping me grow, and helping me love myself. You have shown me how to love life. 

Bonnie, 2024

Noelle is such a special person! Her unique combination of humor, sensitivity, authenticity, and wisdom make every experience so personally valuable. What a gem!

Kaitlyn, 2023

Your guidance is like a spirited dance -- direct, yet draped in kindness. You nudged me beyond my comfort zone, yet I was always assured you were there guiding me and providing a cushioned landing.


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